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Viewing sports as a potential instrument for peace, Ako-Adjei Youth Project has designed 3 months Sports for Peace program that integrates sports and education in order to promote peaceful communities in Ghana for upcoming general elections in November. The sports component involves teams playing a popular sport such as football (soccer), basketball, or races. An optional additional component is playing or demonstrating a traditional game. Coaches and officials should encourage good sportsmanship during competitions. The educational component is aligned with our effort to promote peace and development through sports while increasing the awareness of the benefits sports can contribute to personal development, community harmony, and a healthy life-style. Sample interactive exercises, guidance for a group discussion, and a PowerPoint presentation have been created for the educational component. 1. We are a group 5 young men and 2 ladies from the southern part Ghana, Accra and advocates of peace through sports. Most has had the chance to go to school and others did not even saw the classroom. We are coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds, disciplines, religions, and culture but we all have one thing in common, that is to bring peace to humanity in Ghana through sports. 2. The political tension in Ghana is intensifying every day. For the past 3 years since the since elections in 2012, the politicians have involved most of the Youth in Ghana in violent activities. They have made the youth to believe that politics is the only way forward Ghana is a beacon of peace and we hope to preserve it like that. We started 2 years ago to bring the youth together and make them aware that they can survive without politics. We started by organizing football for the communities. We volunteered some football jerseys and balls to be won by the winners. Initially when we started it was tough and difficult because they had wanted to play the game for money which is not the impression we want to create, but as time went on more of the youth got themselves involved and realized it was for peace. We have received messages from politicians who are willing to sponsor our project but we had no choice but to turn them down because of consequences and repercussions that will be involved in the near future. 2016 is a decisive year in Ghana. Every Ghanaian who is franchised will have to go to the polls, Politicians will take the country by storm and they will engage most of the youth in Ghana to their dirty works. Please the Ako-Adjei Youth Project wishes to extend its borders across the country. Our aim is to help preserve the peace the country has been enjoying and welcome other people from foreign countries like we always do. Every single life on earth is important, we are not ready, and we will not risk a single life when we know there is a chance to save it. Our goal is to get the youth involved in substantial football activities so that they will even think of any political exploration. Politics in Africa is very dangerous and children and women are the victims. 3. Please in order to help us save lives we are reaching out to you for support. 4. We have divided the year in 4 quarters, therefore we suggested that we will organize a football tournament in surrounding communities every 3 months to keep the youth busy. We hope to give soccer jerseys and boots as awards and little money for the participating teams. We hope to refresh them after the tournament we will invite scholar an important personality who does not engage himself in Political activities to have a word with the youth before each program. We hope to organize this event in every region in Ghana. We are pleading if you can support us with football equipment's or money to help save lifes. If you are reading this, then it is time for you to save and polish life. Lets bring back humanity. God will bless You.



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