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Alameda County Meals on Wheels

Imagine your parent or grandparent were starving. You would feed them, right? Everyone is someone's parent or grandparent. Help today! Tax ID 94-2651065


Alameda County Meals on Wheels (ACMOW) financially assists five County Meals on Wheels (MOW) service providers allowing them to focus on what matters most--feeding seniors.  Each delivery day, 2,200 low-income, homebound seniors in Alameda County receive not only nutritious meals, but also warm smiles, companionship and safety/wellness checks from staff and volunteers of five local Meals on Wheels (MOW) service providers.  These agencies enable our seniors to retain their independence and stay in their homes.  Without support from ACMOW, MOW programs would have to decrease their service level and our senior neighbors would suffer greatly.

One in nine seniors goes hungry each day.  3/4 of our clients people over 75 years old.  More than 1/2 live alone, sometimes making our driver the only person they'll see all day.  1/3 are recuperating from a recent hospital stay and most have some chronic condition that impacts their ability to do basic daily activities and their mobility.  The vast majority live at or below the poverty line (many trying to live on less than $1,000 per month).  This forces many to choose between paying rent, keeping the lights and heat on, buying essential medication or food.  Malnourishment is a very common problem; more than 1/4 of all E.R. patients are seniors, many of whom are there due to nutrition-related ailments.  For the cost of a one day hospital stay, MOW can nourish a senior for an entire year.  At a rate of only $7 per meal (which includes cost of ingredients, preparation and delivery), MOW is an incredibly cost-effective solution to a growing national crisis.  This situation will only get worse as more Baby Boomers seek services.  Please help us prevent the need for a waiting list.  Don't let seniors goes hungry in the meanwhile!  Donate today!