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Scott Rosenbloom's Fundraiser:

Alanah Rosenbloom's Lung Bustin' Leg Thrustin' Fun Run for Cystic Fibrosis Awareness

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Scott Rosenbloom


On October 7, 2017, Alanah will embark on her first-ever foray into the world of organized races, by competing in the San Jose, CA Rock-n-Roll 5K. But she won't be competing against hundreds of other runners that day- she'll be competing against a lifetime of living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). What is CF? CF is a genetic, life threatening lung disease that impacts tens of thousands of people nationwide, with a thousand new cases diagnosed each year. Currently, there is no cure for CF. 

So, why this race, and why now? To celebrate Alanah's 32nd birthday (Oct 2nd) in her hometown of San Jose, CA and to raise awareness and money for Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc. (CFRI), an amazing organization Alanah's family has been a part of since she was in pigtails and big 80's glasses. Your valued donations will directly support CFRI's annual "CF Summer Retreat", which has been an indispensable experience in Alanah's life. CF Summer Retreat provides a safe and welcoming environment aimed at enhancing positive coping skills, social support and education for people who share common experiences with CF. Some of Alanah's closest friends are her fellow "CFers" she's met at retreat over the many years. I've attended this retreat (Hi, I'm Scott, Alanah's husband) and it's an amazing experience, led and attended by amazing people with huge hearts. 

So what do we want from you? We want your money! Just kidding. We want you to be aware that CF exists, that people (or at least one person) you know live with it and struggle with it everyday, and that there are scientists, doctors, and researchers working right now to find a cure. Also, we want your money. 

OK, how much money do we want? Our goal is $2000. We will gladly accept any and all donations, from that sticky penny you found in the cup holder in your car to your entire monthly paycheck. We recommend either a flat donation of $20 (or more) or a per mile donation of $6.66 (or more). If you choose the per mile donation, let it be known I'm running the half-marathon- that's 13.1 miles- so put away that role of nickels your grandmother gave you and bust out the checkbook!

To sweeten the deal, we're offering the following rewards for meeting certain donation milestones: 

- $25-50: A post-race video starring Alanah thanking you personally for your donation (to be uploaded to social media) 

- $50-75: A behind-the-scenes photo gallery of Alanah's pre-race preparations and her finisher's picture with post-race bling (Warning- she may be a bit sweaty) 

- $100 and above: A phone call from the finisher herself thanking you for your amazing donation. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

- Scott Rosenbloom



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