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Albatross Contest!

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Amber Seigler wrote -

"The Foundation for Antarctic Research, Inc. primary focus is scientific research in Antarctica on behalf of wildlife that is gravely affected by changes in the environment and fishery laws. Projects include the study of the foraging ecology of the Emperor Penguin on Snow Hill and the advancement of the development and testing of the Underwater Bait Setter for Longline Fisheries. These projects are headed by Dr. Graham Robertson of the Australian Antarctic Division. Dr. Robertson is one of the world’s leading scientific experts in studies on the Emperor Penguin and has gained world recognition for his work with the Albatross." ~ Sandra Birnhak (Director and Fearless Leader) Website ~ (YOU CAN ALSO GO HERE AND DONATE)

Now ~ As most charity organizations, we greatly rely on donations and and could not accomplish the things we have without them. Hopefully with this contest we can raise quite a bit to help these beautiful creatures as well as the efforts to protect them! It is not an easy task or a cheap one but it has to be done before they disappear. Unfortunately, it is a true possibility that one day we will only see them in photos. We have created some incentives for donations and I hope you all join us on this journey.

Contest time!!!!

If you donate $25 you will receive a small bag with Albatross on it as a thank you. (Pictures to come soon)

If you donate $40 you will receive a small tote ( 9.5" H X 12" W X 2.5" D) with the Albatross to take with you wherever you go. (Pictured above)

Lastly, anyone that donates ANY amount will be entered to win a set of totes with the Albatross on them! (Will post a picture of all three as soon as they are finished)

           Small tote (9.5" H X 12" W X 2.5 D)

           Medium tote (11.5" H X 15" W X 3" D)

           Large tote (15" H X 20" W X 4" D)

You must donate on Crowdrise so that I can keep up with the donations but you can donate to anyone on the team or join the team and help us achieve our goal! I will mail all gifts out on November 24th following the contest!! Good luck and thank you for reading this far ;)~

The Team: $1,050 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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30% Raised of $2,000 Goal

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