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Albuquerque Community Foundation

Albuquerque Community Foundation
CROWDRISE : Mar 31, 2011
Tax ID: 85-0295444
BASED: Albuquerque, NM, United States


Albuquerque Community Founda...

Getting Kids in the Game

Building Futures thru Sports

Did you know that when including equipment, uniforms and additional team fees, the average cost for a child’s sports participation in one sport for one season was $381? Did you know that the average family participating in youth sports spends more than $670 a year? Did you also know that children in households making less than $60k/year a 33% less likely to participate in sports than those earning above $60k/year?

Team Tío is raising funds from the community to make sure all kids—regardless of their financial situation can get in the game.

Team Tío levels the economic playing field for youth participating in team sports, encouraging them to build confidence through sports. Studies have shown that team sports help kids develop teamwork, learn resilience and build self-esteem, all while having fun. Research also suggests long-term benefits including increased health, greater educational achievement, and even improved career success. We support this idea by giving targeted gifts for fees and equipment in underserved communities so that these kids can get in the game.

Tax ID: 85-0295444 •


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