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When Harlem Saved a King

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serge SAYS:
so it has been said, so it s…
so it has been said, so it shall be done knowing is the frist step. let the truth be told . the world await and this story need to be told.
5 years ago
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Linda SAYS:
Hi...sending you a Vote (100…
Hi...sending you a Vote (100 Impact Points) and wishing you the very best on your fundraising and hoping your Project is a huge success . "One small act of kindness can send a ripple thru the Universe."...(My Project CURE EPILEPSY)
6 years ago
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When Harlem Saved a King
Harlem, NY United States
Stuff About Me:

When Harlem Saved a King is proposed as a 90 minute Documentary produced by Alphonso Cohen and JIREH Productions for NBC, to be broadcast in 2012. When Harlem Saved A King will tell a story not known by many Americans both young and not-so-young.  The story, this important piece of our history, was certainly not taught to any of us in school.  It is a laser-focus examination of the time and the events leading up to and following September 20, 1958, the day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was stabbed in the chest with a letter opener by a black woman.  Her name was Izola Curry.  The stabbing occurred during Dr. King’s signing of his book, Stride Towards Freedom, at a white department store in Harlem – Blumstein’s on 125th Street.
Hosted by Fox News Consultant Dr. Jeff Gardere, When Harlem Saved a King will take viewers back to 1958 à la a 48 Hours-style mystery to both engage and educate the audience while exploring the answers to the questions:
Who was Izola Curry?  And, what happened to her after the assassination attempt? Why would a black woman/any black person try to kill Dr. King? Was there a conspiracy to kill Dr. King – even as early as 1958? What was happening in the country – and in Harlem in particular, politically and socially – in 1958, during the infancy of the civil rights movement? Was there jealousy among other black “leaders” and “clergy” towards Dr. King?  Among whom?  How did this manifest? Did the stabbing have an effect/impact on the Civil Rights Movement?
Dr. King’s life was saved at Harlem hospital.  What are the stories of those doctors? What would have happened had Dr. King sneezed?

With this documentary, we seek to answer the question, Can Harlem stand tall and say that they saved the Civil Rights movement and preserved the life and legacy of our nations most celebrated Civil Rights leader?

The objective of When Harlem Saved a King is to unravel mysteries, expose secrets and misconceptions; and answer unanswered questions.  The pieces of this untold story will be woven into a compelling 90 minutes through the creative integration of eye-opening interviews with several of those people who were part of Dr. King’s inner circle and are still with us; members of the medical team that saved him; the family members of and authorities who interacted with Izola Curry; politicians, historians, political observers, long-forgotten footage of that day and some never-before-seen photographs.  NBC senior political analyst, Gabe Pressman, was a reporter for the New York Times the day of the stabbing.  He will provide valuable first person perspective of a journalist who lived it, witnessed it and reported it.  NBC is releasing previously unseen (since September 1958), archived news footage on the event.
American poet and philosopher George Santayana wrote, “Those who forget the past (interpreted as history) are doomed to repeat it.”  When Harlem Saved a King is shedding new light on a critical part of history that was almost forgotten.

When Harlem Sav…


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