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Aleksandr Zavyajalov

Aleksandr Zavyajalov
United States
Stuff About Me:

I need your help very much. I suffer from heavy mental illness which leads on emotional insanity, invariable behavior, aphronia and impossibility to conduct with social life, for a long time. I can't live as a full human being. I can't communicate with other people, to laugh and enjoy the round life. I can't create my own family and have children. It seems like I live in some kind of bad projection from which I can’t get rid of. This illness has been going on for many years, both mentally and physically, I just fade away and become like zombie. I need to get full treatment in medical institutions and I am sure that it will help me. I will be very grateful to all of you who will help me. I want to say Thanks to kindhearted and sympathetic people! About my Illness Schizophrenia is a serious and mental illness at which emotional insanity, invariable behavior, aphronia and impossibility to conduct with social life are observed. Usually it develops at men aged 18-25 years and at women aged 26-45 years. Sometimes it is inherited. Risk factors are the endured events which caused a stress. The sex does not matter. Such illness meets among representatives of different cultures and strikes about one of hundred people in the world. The term "schizophrenia" sometimes inaccurately designates as frustration of the person. Schizophrenia leads to violation of feeling by the person of reality that is followed by an inaccuracy of his behavior and an inconsistency of emotional reactions. People suffering from schizophrenia may hear voices that may contribute to the emergence of oddities in their behavior. They are usually unable to work or maintain relationships with other people. Without proper support and treatment, people with such illness, likely to fall or hurt themselves. Approximately one in ten people diagnosed with schizophrenia, commit suicide. Still it is not identified any reason that causes schizophrenia, but it is known that some role is played by genetic predisposition. The person who has close communication with the patient with schizophrenia for a long time, the risk of developing illness, significantly increases. Besides, the endured events which caused a stress such as a serious disease or bereavement, can serve as a provocative factor of development of schizophrenia for the person having predisposition to it. There are data indicating that in schizophrenia abnormalities of brain structure such as a cyst or cavity filled with fluid, formed by the destruction of brain tissue. I really need your help. Help me please!



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