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Alette runs for people that suffer from Parkinson and Cancer

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NYC Marathon 2017 (05.11.2017) Alette runs for people that suffer from Parkinson and Cancer About 7 years ago my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson. You start to research on the diagnose and are able to find symptoms, how to deal with these symptoms and how to delay as long as possible the severity of these symptoms. The common treatment subscribes medicines. Medicines that come with many side effects and influence the independent way of living the live my dad wants and being the person he wants to be. Still the symptoms will arise and we see them arising faster then expected. A battle we cannot win and a battle that will continue to become harder for my father as well as for the family. I run the NY Marathon 26,2 miles for my father and all other patients that suffer from Parkinson disease and trying to find the best way in dealing with the rapidly occurring symptoms of a disease that has no cure. Next to that I run the NY Marathon for the Cancer Foundation in Curacao and specifically for a dear friend that was diagnosed with cancer the beginning of this year. She lives with an option to start chemo treatment that will limited extend her life expectation. With an age of 46 and two children she starts a battle and does not give up. Trying to find the best possible treatment there is despite the fact that living on an Island can limit the accessibility to those. We do not give up and will support my dear friend and all other cancer patients in Curacao in their battle fighting against cancer in order to enjoy live for as long as possible. For each goals my purpose is to raise $2500. In total $5000. Support me in my battle to run the 26,2 miles in NY and herewith support people that suffer from Cancer and Parkinson. Your support will be highly appreciated.




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