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raise awareness for MADD (Mothers against drunk driving)

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Team Alexa

In the early morning hours of August 25, 2010, my husband and I woke to very loud banging on the front door. Immediately my thoughts went to my children. I knew my oldest was home, but my youngest asked to stay at a friend’s house. I opened the front door to two state troopers with rain gear attire on and solemn faces. They asked if I was Alexa’s mom, I thought this must be a bad dream. I recall my husband grasping my arms tight and pulling me from the doorway. The sound of their keys jingling, their heavy boots on my floor and the static from their radios still haunt me. They informed me that there was an accident on the highway tonight and Alexa was killed. They also told me that she was one of three passengers in the jeep that spun out of control and shot across the highway into the path of a tractor trailer truck. The two front seat passengers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. I went numb with disbelief, it could not be my daughter and they must be mistaken.

I had just spoken with Alexa a week earlier about drinking and driving. She had assured me that she would never get into a car with someone who has been drinking, but alcohol was the deciding factor as to why Alexa is not with us today. The driver was eighteen at the time of the crash and under the influence of alcohol, as well as the other passenger. As I sit here three and a half years later and reflect, the pain is still as sharp and the void will never be filled. I watch Alexa grow through the faces of her friends. I see them going to college, having relationships, falling in love and it saddens me to know that Alexa will never have those experiences.

Alexa would have been 21 this February and I am sure well on her way to becoming an awesome nurse. The love that she displayed towards her family and friends was like no other. Alexa had so much to live for, but that night a poor decision was made by Alexa getting into a vehicle with a driver under the influence which ended her dreams and mine. My hope is that not one more family has to suffer, not one more family has to receive a knock or phone call in the middle of the night with that horrible news.

A dear friend of Alexa once told me that, the Lord puts people who will leave the longest impression here on earth for the shortest time.

In closing, Alexa my heart aches for your embrace!

Lets keep Alexa living through all of us and be the top team for MADD!!!! Go Team Alexa <3 <3



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