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As a US charity, the Abraham Foundation is fundraising for an elephant rescue project in Thailand’s Surin Province. The Surin Project provides a refuge for eleven of the 300 elephants in need in Surin. The elephants in Surin are the former street begging elephants of Bangkok. When elephant street begging was banned, that problem was gone but another one was created. Instead of walking the streets of Bangkok, these poor gentle giants stand chained up in the hot sun all day without adequate food, water or exercise.

By implementing a program where currently eleven of these elephants get off their chains and get to roam free together as a family, bathe, eat and go on walks, the Surin Project is trying to change the way elephant husbandry has been practiced for years. The Surin Project welcomes volunteers to the project year round for a minimum of one week.  All elephant rides, elephant hooks and traditional elephant training for the mahouts and elephants are prohibited on the project. The Surin Project's website is:     http://www.surinproject.org/