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October 18, 2011

In the past the church has been the one to preserve art, today, art will preserve the church.  See more


Kody Zenger


We are raising money to shoot a short film for a non-profit called, International Cooperating Ministries. They are an awesome organization that builds churches and orphanages in 59 countries around the world. We want to help them ramp up their media, and our first task is to shoot a short film that will assist them in raising funds for their projects. The money raised will pay for equipment rental and rental insurance. We will be shooting on Arri Alexa, that is why we called the fundraiser, "Alexa The Church Builder", because our hope is that we can share this short film with thousands of people and it will raise up a spirit of action, to fund projects that will change people's lives. We want to do something different than what everyone does, we want to be radical, instead of mediocre. I think pro photographer Chase Jarvis said it best
- "Don’t aim for ‘better’, aim for ‘different’.
It’s funny how related “better” and “different” are. If you aim for ‘better’ that usually means you’re walking in the footsteps of someone else. There will often be someone better than you, someone making those footsteps you’re following… But if you target being different–thinking in new ways, creating new things–then you are blazing your own trail. And in blazing your own trail, making your own footprints, you are far more likely to find yourself being ‘better’ without even trying. Better becomes easy because it’s really just different. You can’t stand out from the crowd by just being better. You have to be different.

We believe that whole heatedly and hope you do too.



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Kody is working on selecting a charity so you can support Alexa The Church Builder.