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To do whatever we can to assure there are no abandoned, unwanted, neglected or abused animals. To provide education and skills to people so that they understand the level of commitment and responsibility that pet guardianship entails. Tax ID 38-2587738


The Alger County Animal Shelter is committed to the humane treatment of animals. We shelter and care for the lost and unwanted animals in our County, we place animals into humane environments, we implement programs and provide service to promote responsible pet ownership, and we give voices to the animals who cannot speak for themselves.

The Alger County Animal Shelter is a "no time limit" shelter. We keep are animals until they are adopted.

The Alger County Animal Shelter (ACAS) operates in a building and grounds provided by Alger County and is solely operated by volunteers and a shelter manager. We depend upon our members, generous donations, and fundraising events to keep our animals happy, safe, and healthy. 

The ACAS is a non-profit 501(c).3 organization.