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Teeth Are More Than A Smile - Chewing Matters!

Organized by: Alison Heath

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Life can be full of hard knocks! But when it's your teeth on the line you start to really value the ability to bite into an apple or a fresh green salad.

The broken jaw bone and shoulder will heal, but the teeth are another story.

I am in the process of rebuilding my finances since I became electromagnetically hypersensitive and my soul mate dropped dead in front of me last year, but this unexpected dental bill has me reaching out for help.

I've some cool gifts for those kind enough to lend a helping hand.

Here's a log of the accident. The detailed blog with photos can be found at:

May 23, Yesterday while on my walk, I wiped out with a forward face plant on a steeply paved road where I was moving downhill with the force of gravity pulling me faster and faster headlong out of control.

My shoulder was dislocated shoulder for 2+ hours while the ambulance drove me to emergency on a long windy road under construction. I had three shattered molars and more chipped teeth, a fractured & dislocated jaw and a badly fractured shoulder.

It feels much better now the dislocation is in place. Hot baths and bed rest now.

I can't talk till I learn if jaw must be wired.  I am water fasting as nerves of the teeth are exposed and I do not want any abscessed teeth.

All healing energy and prayers gladly accepted.

May 26 Thank you so much dear friends for your outpouring of love, prayers and healing energy! So much beauty amidst the pain. I've little to report yet. Still on a water fast with superfood supplements. Still refusing opiate narcotics, although I'm glad they put me under while putting shoulder back into joint. It is a serious fracture, but will have only a sling, no cast.

Judging from the bruise they had to use excessive force to in the redaction (putting it back in the joint).

Thought it was Tuesday, but today I go to the dentist. Hoping they can deal with my shattered molars so I may eat a liquid diet without fear of abscesses. I will learn if my fractured jaw needs to be wired.

So very tired. Sleep is a miraculous healer!

May 30 - One week since the accident and I am healing by leaps and bounds! I feel like a mother of a dozen kids all vying for my attention. As soon as one dominant pain gets dealt with, another one crops up with throbbing pain as if saying, “Feel me! I hurt too!”

Today I see the oral surgeon about my dislocated and fractured jaw! Here’s hoping surgery to wire the jaw is not required!

I thank everyone for your kind prayers, healing energy, love and well wishes. It surrounds this trauma in soft warm glow and lightens the pain!

May 31 - Woo Wee!!! Celebrating! I do not need to wire my jaw closed for 6 weeks!!! The fracture is aligned and the dislocation is moving back into place as they swelling goes down. Still lots of sleep happening and rapid healing.

June 1 - Massive healing challenge, all prayers and healing energy gratefully accepted! The tip of the shoulder bone (humerus) is shattered with bone impacted pushed away from the shoulder and multiple fragments floating around the bone. This proximal humerus fracture is displaced (out of position), but is initially being treated in a sling with now 9 days later beginning some gentle range-of-motion exercises.

Next week the orthopedic surgeon will again evaluate my progress. Should the bones not heal well on their own, surgery may be required to see if the fragments of bone can be fixed with screws or the shoulder may need to be replaced. Otherwise the shoulder may be weakened, have a limited range of motion and be chronically painful, as the rotator cuff muscles have nothing to grab onto.

June 9 - Thank you for your prayers, healing energy and love! Less than 3 weeks since my accident and my accelerated healing is defying all odds! Monday the surgeon was very surprised with my range of motion, and the fact the bone shards in my shoulder haven't moved much and the tendons are hanging on. He's assigned me 4 weeks of increased mobility exercises in the lake, or supporting my arm so there's no gravity.

Yesterday there was an unexpected opening at the dentist, where they temporarily rebuilt two of my molars and smoothed out some chips. They used a bite bridge to hold my fractured and dislocated jaw open. An implant of the molar that couldn't be saved will happen in 4 months and crowns may be required if the fillings fail from the accident impact. The dentist was pleased with the healing of the extraction site in one week.

The skin technology I've discovered is enabling the asphalt filled lacerations on my face, hands and arms to heal with no scarring! Since Monday I've been swimming in the cold lake and gently raising my arm above my head.

It is with tears of gratitude, appreciation and love that I attempt to find words to express the "Thank You" I feel toward you.

June 14 - Getting stronger everyday. Still on a no chew diet. One of the teeth they rebuilt is very sensitive to hot, cold, or sweets. Looks like that require a crown. I hope only a crown not a root canal. I eat so many raw veggies and fruits my teeth are very important. I can lift my arm (supported by my other arm) above my head now. It's been too cold to go in the water. As of yesterday I can type with two hands for a while. Still have to place the arm on the keyboard. Baby steps, yet accelerated healing for such a messy fracture. Require so much healing sleep.



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