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S.E.B. MD's Fundraiser:

All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center

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BACKLINE wrote -

If you were facing a decision or situation with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, or adoption, where would you turn for support?

This Fall, Backline will launch the first All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center. For 10 years, we have offered unconditional and judgment-free support through our toll-free Talkline, answering hundreds of calls each month about pregnancy options, parenting, abortion, adoption, pregnancy loss, infertility, & more. Now we're going brick and mortar in Bloomington, IN!

It is time to reclaim the pregnancy center model in the spirit of true all-options counseling. It is time to demonstrate that anti-abortion organizations do not have a monopoly on supporting parents and people who are continuing their pregnancies. An All-Options PRC is an idea whose time has come!


Why an All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center?

In today's political climate, pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption providers are too often siloed and disconnected from each other, and it's hard to find support for all our options and experiences.

Yet in the reality of our everyday lives, these experiences are not siloed or disconnected; they are all woven together in our messy, complex experience of being human.

Every day we talk to callers who are considering abortion for the sake of the children they already have; whose desire to become a parent is tinged with feelings and fears about past miscarriages; and for whom being adopted themselves adds layers of complexity to a pregnancy decision.

We know how valuable and rare it is to find truly unconditional, judgment-free support, because our callers tell us.

"I am so glad I found Backline. I am struggling to come to a decision about my pregnancy and I needed to talk to someone nonjudgmental, open, and supportive - and that's what happened."

"Thank you for really really honestly listening to me and what I was saying and feeling. It was amazing and helps me to feel at peace."

"Being able to call Backline made such a difference to me today. When I called I was crying and upset and really felt like I had no options. After the conversation, I know what I need to do for myself to feel a lot happier. I'm surprised that something like this exists."

Now, we want to go brick and mortar!

We are launching our first All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center in Bloomington, Indiana, where our Program Director and a team of wonderful volunteer Talkline Advocates have already been building community for more than a year. We believe this is a model worth replicating and hope this will be the first of many All-Options PRCs across the country!

What exactly will an All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center offer?

- Peer counseling and support both in-person and by phone, with absolutely NO judgment, NO bias, and NO strings attached!

- Free pregnancy tests and condoms

- Concrete resources like diapers, baby clothes, care packages, and educational materials

- Referrals to pregnancy, birthing, abortion, adoption, parenting, and contraceptive providers and community resources

In addition to providing direct support, the All-Options PRC will also create new opportunities for people to volunteer, build the reproductive justice movement, and encourage community networking through trainings, workshops, and events.

This is a great campaign! How can I help?

1) Donate right now!

2) Spread the word to other people that believe in the power of nonjudgmental support!

3) If you live in Indiana and would like to volunteer, donate space, furniture, supplies, or equipment, or otherwise get involved, please contact us!

Where will the money go?

Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 to launch our first All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center. About half of that ($12,000) would go toward the first year's rent for a space with room for private counseling, support groups, and volunteer trainings.

Of course, an All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center is about a lot more than just the place! Another $10,000 would support staff hours, and the rest will pay for outreach, advertising, and supplies.

We are also looking for grants and other funding offline to match what we raise here - so every dollar you give counts!

For the past 10 years, Backline has accomplished amazing things on a shoestring budget. Because we support people in all their experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption, we don't receive any government funding nor many foundation grants. Most of our work is funded by donations from people like you, and by the time and energy of our many dedicated volunteers.

What do I get if I donate?

First, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will make a real difference for someone who needs support and a safe place to share their stories. Everyone who donates will get our deepest appreciation, a thank you note, and a big shout out on all our social media channels!

If you give $20 or more, we'll also send you a Backline magnet. If you give $50 or more, we'll send you a frame-worthy notecard. And if you give $100 or more, we will send you a special edition tote bag.

What if I need to talk to someone?

Backline is here to listen and support you - before, during, or after your experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Call us at 1.888.493.0092 to find judgment-free support!

What if I have other questions?

Visit to learn more about us!


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