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Allen Black's ATV Tragedy Fund

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Allen was in an ATV accident due to a faulty rented ATV from Estes Park that had been wrecked the day before he rode it and Allen fell 40 feet off of a cliff that ended in tragedy. He was life flighted by helicopter to the ICU where surgeries were performed immediately... The doctors said it was a miracle that he lived through the fall. Allen was in a medically induced coma and on life support for several weeks. The doctors did many procedures and surgeries to keep him alive. He crushed his rib cage which punctured and collapsed his lung and turned into pneumonia and other infections. He fractured his skull in three places. He broke his spine in two places. And he has many torn and ripped muscles throughout his body. Allen’s PCP has him on oxygen and many medications and is working on getting him full time home health care since he is not stable enough to be home alone and take care of himself. With all of the meds he is on, now he is having problems with his liver. His PCP is also working on getting him rehab physical therapy as well as scheduling other procedures and surgeries to get him back to good health. Doctors state his recovery time is about a year. With that being said Allen had no benefits at all with his employer so has no income or disability pay. With this being said, Allen & Christy’s income has been cut in half. The ATV rental place is suing them $6900.00 for a used ATV that was wrecked the day before. And of course they have piles of health/medical/dr appts/physical therapy,prescriptions, etc. bills coming in as well as everyday living expenses and everyday bills that they can’t afford. Allen & Christy are too proud to ask anyone for help so I have taken upon myself to open a donation fund account at First Bank to help them as much as possible. This account is in no way affiliated or sponsored by any company or charity. And of course no one is expected, required, or obligated in any way to donate funds to this account. We don’t want anyone to break their banks and don’t expect large donation. But if you are interested in donating funds, all amounts, no matter how small will help and are anonymous. If you would like to donate funds, there are many ways to do so: You can mail checks, money orders, or certified checks directly to the bank at First Bank 550 South Wadsworth Blvd Lakewood CO 80226 or you can even transfer funds from your band to this one. And if you are close to a First Bank located in Colorado, Arizona, or California you can take cash in. You can also mail checks, gift cards, money orders to PO Box 140355 Edgewater CO 80214. The account name is Allen Black’s ATV Tragedy Fund and the account # is 340-125-0846. Please make sure all checks and money orders are made out to Allen Black’s ATV Tragedy Fund. We do appreciate anything that you can do to help our family no matter how small it is. And Allen & Christy would like to give a special thanks to Allen’s employer, PG Construction for giving him so much support and love. And we would appreciate anyone that can SHARE this post on their Facebook account instead of just liking it or just tell friends and family about it. They need all of the help they can get at this time. Some people have suggested fundraisers and benefits but because Allen and Christy only socialize with people at their jobs, this is not an option that would work since we can’t involve our employers with this



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