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ALL for Love

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Aravin Kumar


In order to keep our animal haven running and meet our monthly operating costs, Pets Villa requires sponsorship of dogs and cats as well as a minimal boarding fee for the animals that stay with us.

Sadly, over the years, many of these rescued animals have been forgotten and left without sponsors. Rehoming of local dogs is a difficult task and many end up spending their lives at Pets Villa. However, we may not be able to keep this up if our current financial situation does not improve.

We currently owe a sum of $18,933.15. If this debt is not cleared by the end of May 2010, we have been given notice to shut down permanently and our animals will be left with nowhere to go. This safe haven we once had for the rescued, abandoned and forgotten in society will cease to exist.

Running Pets Villa has never been an easy task especially with the hefty food cost, medical cost and the cost of running this facility. Will you reach out to help these animals stay alive? We hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel. They had nowhere to go once, so we offered them hope. Help us keep this hope alive. These dogs and cats are counting on you.

If you can help, please write a cheque to ‘Animal Lovers League’ and mail it to

Animal Lovers League

Yishun Central PO Box 163

Singapore 917606

Please ensure your mailing address is written at the back of the cheque so we can mail you a receipt. Also, do drop us an email if you have mailed a cheque in so we know how much we have by 30th May. Should you prefer to help using any other mode,please email us at or contact Cathy at 91546422 or Christine at 97937162 for more information. Thank you for helping us help them.



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