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Alliance for Animals

Alliance for Animals
CROWDRISE : Jul 15, 2010
Tax ID: 39-1456655
BASED: Madison, WI, United States


Alliance for Animals

Our Mission

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AFA is a non-profit 501(c)3 animal rights organization whose fundamental belief is that all animals, human and nonhuman, should not be treated as the property of another. AFA was created to promote ethical, compassionate treatment of all animals through a variety of means including:

- Educating and increasing the awareness of the public on matters relating to the ethical treatment of animals and the philosophy of animal rights
- Promoting veganism, which is a moral and political commitment rather than simply a diet choice
- Bringing to public attention situations of animal abuse and exploitation
- Encouraging and supporting the efforts of pro-animal individuals and groups throughout the state

Tax ID: 39-1456655 •


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