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Our Mission:
To safeguard neighborhoods, schools and cyberspace from bullying, gangs and other predators, and violence of all kinds.
To empower youth, to make good decisions, stay in school, and contribute to their communities.

Criminals, bullies, gangs, terrorists, and online threats are grim realities. The goal of The Guardian Angels is personal safety for all, attained through collaboration, education, and empowerment.

We model self-reliance and power in numbers, leading bands of volunteers, unarmed, who improve and contribute to their own communities.

The Guardian Angels programs can make a difference. Our unarmed safety patrols, readily recognizable with red berets and jackets, deter crime on streets and subways. Our Guardian Angels youth programs teach personal safety, online safety, civic contribution, and inclusion. Messages focus on alternatives to gangs, making good decisions, conflict resolution, and sticking up for one another.

Remember….”improve, don’t move!”, “if you see something, say something," and "working together, we CAN make a difference."

We are a lean machine, with a volunteer staff and programs supported by private donations. Check out our videos and read about how we empower community members of all ages to keep it safe. Please support The Guardian Angels.

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