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We at Allies, Inc. believe that everyone has something special to offer to the world. In order to keep providing unique programs like 'Project Grow' in Hamilton, NJ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7T271XkuVM), 'Greensleeves Boutiques' in Mt. Holly, Somerville, and Flemington, NJ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGh8CrXL4A8), and the new 'Music Program' based all over the state of NJ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXarnZUNCiE) and to create new ones, donations in the forms of money and instruments/equipment are essential. Please consider making a donation to enrich the lives of our Friends who are 'Just Like You and Me' (www.soundcloud.com/jimgaven/just-like-you-and-me) Thank you and we appreciate your generosity in advance.

www.alliesnj.org Tax ID 22-3677684


Mission Statement

Allies’ progressive services foster independence for children and adults with diverse needs by building bridges between challenge and opportunity.


A world where limitation does not distinguish nor define. 

Core Values

Quality – Consistently innovating to ensure the delivery of safe, caring and therapeutic services while always striving for excellence.

Respect – Embrace the individuality of all those we encounter. Allies is committed to loyalty, teamwork, honest communications and the highest degree of integrity.

Advocacy – Allies advocates protecting and advancing the rights of children and adults so that they exercise their own life choices and fully participate in their community. On behalf of those we serve, Allies promotes inclusion, self-sufficiency and independence.

Accountability – Acknowledging our obligation to hold ourselves and others answerable by accepting and fulfilling the responsibilities bestowed upon us.

Courage – Displaying the spirit to stand united behind our mission, vision and core values without exception.


To learn more about what we do as an organization, feel free to call 609-689-0136 and frequent us on the web here: