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Allyson Whitney Foundation

Support our pursuit and create your own fundraiser for Young Adults with Rare Cancers for 'Life Interrupted Patient Grants' Tax ID 45-4231236


The Allyson Whitney Foundation was founded in March of 2012 by Allyson's family and friends. This foundation is a platform to help Young Adults with Rare Cancers by providing what Allyson truly believed in, HOPE.  We have banded together to start small…and DREAM BIG to hlep as many as can.  We are an ALL volunteer froup and can't do this alone!

Our inspiration, Allyson Whitney Strong, lost her battle with Small Cell Cervical Cancer when she was 25 years young.; A rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer, with no prior symptoms or correlation to cervical disease. This cancer has a diagnosis of only 100 cases in the US each year!   Ally was a person that people gravitated to. She was always full of warmth, joy and love.  This foundation is not about defining who she was while she was ill, but rather who she was since birth.  The last words you ever expect to hear as a 24 year old, starting life on her own is 'You have cancer with a poor prognosis, but we will try..". Her vision was to help another through this difficult journey.  

In 6 years, the Allyson Whitney Foundation has been able to:
*Awarded over a quarter of a million dollars to our “Life Interrupted” Grants to those in financial need during their course of treatments.  

* Fund innovative resesearch to MDAnderson Cancer with a world wide date base to collect information

*Register  potential marrow donors to Delete Blood Cancers to the National Registry and found 2 potential matches!

* Donate  HOPE comfort bags filled with soothing products to local hospital infusion suites for cancer patients in NY & CA

*Network with major young adult cancer groups and  utilized as a resource to many hospital affiliations from east coast to west coast, such as St Judes, MSKCC, and City of Hope.

It is our pursuit that we raise awareness for the term  'Rare Cancers'. WHY? Because it affects young adults, it affects young children, Rare Cancers receive no funding, and most with limited protocol treatment. We believe that ALL cancers matter!

Won't you be a Hero today and join us ?

Website information for grants and more information: