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What is AlMudu ?

In the literal sense of the term, an "AlMudu" is a child in Senegal between 5 to 15 years of age. In Senegal, in 2012, the number of AlMudu is esimated at more than 350,000.

Living conditions of AlMudus

The majority of AlMudus live in extreme poverty. They live in dilapidated and filthy houses where access to water, electricity and food is rare and greatly affects their health. To meet daily survival needs, the AlMudu spend the majority of their days begging on the streets. Any money they raise is to feed themselves.

Issues that most people take for granted such as healthcare and education are not a priority. In a country where there is 52% unemployment, the AlMudus don't stand a chance for even the hope of a bright future.

the Almudu's Fondation mission is to provide nutritious meals, healthcare, basic education, and entreprenurial training to the Al- Mudu.

Short -term goals ( 2013 -2015 )

Alleviate poverty and improve the living conditions of the AlMudu by providing health care, food, and clothing.


In partnership with on-site volunteers consisting of doctors and pharmacists, the Foundation will provide access to early medical care for the AlMudu in four of the most poverty stricken areas of Senegal. The foundation will be responsible for ensuring monitoring of the healthcare received by the AlMudu with our partners.

Access to food:

The foundation is deeply committed to providing nutritious meals to the AlMudu. The introduction of the concept of food stations spread throughout the four targeted areas to give out food supplies weekly will ensure that the AlMudu enjoy healthy food.

Literacy and Education

By providing the basic necessities of healthcare and nutrition, the Foundation will reduce the need for daily begging, thereby giving the AlMudu hope for a bright future and the ability to focus on literacy , education and entreprenuerial skills. English will be taught by volunteer teachers in the targeted areas. The AlMudu between the ages of 12-15 will receive basic skill training on how to be an entreprenuer, with the qualifying measure of continuing to stay in school.


The Almudu Foundation will also provide clothing, and basic toiletiries as well. Long term goals (2015 -2020)

Contributions to the advancement of the education of the AlMudu of Senegal, particularly by school enrollment and entreprenuerial training.

Eradication of begging in our target areas.

Development of a Entreprenuerial Training School in Senegal.

The Save the children of Almudu Foundation was born out of a common desire of four Senegalese women and one American/Senegalese woman concerned about the future of children in Senegal. The foundation was founded in 2013.

Very aware of the suffering of the AlMudu, the foundation wants to give these children hope for a bright future. While this may seem a great challenge to others, we are ready for this challenge with the right partners and funding in place.

Our Partners:

The Almudu foundation would like to express our gratitude to all partners and donors because our success depends greatly on their continued support. We have chosen partners who reflect our concern for the health and well being of children.

Our Volunteers:

» Collaboration Santé Internationale

» World Vision

» USAID Sénégal

» Croix Rouge Internationale


» Lama boutique



» BA Eau BAB

» Magic Land





» Ville de Dakar

» Saly Eau

» Sanofi Aventis

» Le soleil

» Colgate Palmolive

» Hopital Americain

» Pharmacie de la Republique

» Pharmacie Aimée Césaire

» Tampico



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