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Aloha Community Farmers Market

Bringing healthy, affordable, locally produced foods to our community. Tax ID 47-3612482


Every penny we raise from this findraising event will go towards increasing food education at our market, food assistance programs (such as SNAP Match) and fueling ways to increase healthy eating access in our community. 

Our Market Sprouts Kid's Club can be amazing when we have the funding to put on interactive activities that educate them about food, farming, nature, stewardship, environmental causes, health, safety, healthy eating and so much more, all while having fun!

Your donation will bring locally grown and produced foods to those who may not have the time or the money to track down these jewels. Making food accessable is not just about money, but also location and time.

In our dreams our market will eventually have cooking classes on site at the market to help educate on best practices for locally grown foods. Focusing on food storage, use and talking with the community about different cultural uses for each food. You could help make this dream come true by donating today.