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Ádám Kurucz's Fundraiser:

Alone to the Death

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BENEFITING: Every Mother Counts

Ádám Kurucz




  • Parkour system
  • Destructible glass
  • 3 big levels
  • Advanced AI system for zombies (Dynamic wandering, attack, die... ca.)
  • Level and XP system
  • Weapon shop
  • Quests
  • 2 game modes (Arena, Story)
  • Minimap
  • Custom cursor
  • Image effects (SSAO, Antialising, Camera Motion Blur... ca.)


  • Multiplayer (Arena and Coop -> Local, Internet)
  • More game modes
  • More weapons
  • More enemies, and boss
  • More quests
  • Difficulty levels (Easy, normal, medium, hard, extreme)
  • Improved graphics, and story
  • Companions, friendly AI-s
  • Day-Night cycle
  • Dynamic weather (Rain, snow, storm, wind)
  • Realistic sky
  • Dynamic clouds
  • Traps (Making, using)
  • Achievements
  • Collectible items
  • More levels,maps

Stretch Goals:

  • 8000$: New level
  • 10000$: New Game mode
  • 12000$: Multiplayer
  • 15000$: New Game

The Story

In the 21. century a professor wants to change the DNE of the humanity.But his experiment wasn't successful and he gave herself a wrong Injection. So he became a monster what is try to bite the people. If he bite a person that person become the same monster like him. Some days later the inhabitants of the city became zombies. Except John who went to the forest to live there from the city. John is a lumberman and he lives his calm live in the forest. He is alone and he works every day, because he likes his job. But John don't know anything about the zombie invasion.. One day he met some zombie but John is a very brave man and he isn't afraid of the zombies and he can kill them. In this game your exercise will be to save the humanity from the zombie apocalypse. You have to kill the zombies on three different level. On the first level you just have to live your life with John. Cut the trees and do everything what you can and what you want. A bit later You have to battle against the zombies and understand what's going on in the world  about the zombies. You have to kill a lot of a zombie with some simply weapon. If you kill enough zombies and completed all challenge you get XP points and you will go to the second level. On the second level everything will be more harder than earlier. There you will understand everything about the zombie apocalypse and you will be able to how to kill all zombies and save the humanity from the destruction. You will get some  information from a very important person. This information is the most important in this game: how to kill the zombies?! If you finished the second level you will go to the third level. On the third level has the most zombie so this is the hardest level. Your exercise is to find more information to kill zombies. In the game if you kill the zombies you can buy weapons. So if you kill a lot of a zombies you can get better weapons and you can kill more zombies simple. If you want better weapons you have to kill a lot of zombie but it's a big risk because if you die, you have to restart the level where you died.  In the game there are two game modes. The first is the story mode and the second is the arena mode. In the arena mode you can be a zombie butcher. You have to kill as a lot zombie as you can and as fast as you can to get better and better weapons. With the better weapons you can kill the zombies easier and faster but the level is going to be harder and harder. In the game you will find 3 arena level and if you complete them you will get a bonus level which is a very hard but on the bonus level you can get more points. In the game there is a parkour system, so you can jump and climb to high walls. You can use a lot of special and good weapons against the zombies.  

Why we choose crowdfunding?

We started the project in June. We work on the game everyday and we had to use almost all of our saving to create the bases of the game.  

The big part of cost haven't been already covered so we need money to be able to keep working on the project and complete the game development faster.

Who are We?

We are two guys from Hungary. We are students and our big dream to we can make some good computer game for you. Our dreams that we can do a lot of good game because we love to do this, We love make games, because if we do it,  it's make relax us and we can full our creativity. We are a little team, but it's a very strong and good team, because we can work very well together. I'm sure that we can make our dreams, and this game our first step to we can reach them. We are young and I think that everybody who is young always have to try to change the world and this is what we want to do. Everybody has a lot of dream but most of them became broken dreams and it's always a big disappointment for us. So this is what we don't want: disappoint.. we are young so we want to change the world and I think that it doesn't matter how do we change the world, we are a big dreamer and we don't want to be a dreamer...we want make our dreams so we will do everything for the success. So I'm sure that we can make our dreams, and this game our first step to we can reach them. Then if this game will be success we will found a computer game company to we can do better games. And we could do it can be our occupation. But not just computer games, we want to do mobile games too for Android, iOS or Windows Phone.



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