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The mission of Alpaca Partners is to serve the special needs community with Compassion in a way that creates Community and builds Competence through Creativity.


 Your support of this fundraising opportunity will provide additional fiber processing tools and product to support Special Needs kid's involvement in Alpaca Partner Creations.

   Alpaca Partners is a community in which Special Needs individuals can compassionately interact with animals and each other to discover a unique community and create partnerships while developing personal competence.

   Nelson Mandela said we are not free until we are all free...and in our communities, Special Needs kids don't have many of the same opportunities as their peers when it comes to connection, community and creativity. Alpaca Partner Creations is a product line inspired and created with our Alpaca Partners. 100% of the proceeds from these products will go to the Alpaca Partner program. There are also products created by our Alpaca Partners and those proceeds will go directly to the Alpaca Partner who created it, starting them on their own path of economic success.

   The mission of Alpaca Partners is to serve the Special Needs community through our passion for alpacas, including alpaca care and the processing of alpaca fiber. Dr. Temple Grandin asserts that the most successful strategy for supporting growth in Special Needs kids is to find something productive to do with your hands in a one on one setting. We provide this for the approximately 30 kids from area high schools who have been coming to the ranch for the last 3 years. When a kid has someone who walks with them right where they are, in compassion, it creates safe community. When safe to explore who they are and what they are interested in creating, individual competence is the result. It is our honor and privilege to be involved in the process.

   Your generous donation will be used to purchase critical equipment and products that will support the Alpaca Partners in their creativity and growth.

   "The only unique contribution we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity. We are makers." Brene Brown "While it is true that people with disabilities are called to develop and grow towards greater autonomy...they need above all a whole network of friendships and a community that gives them security and a sense of belonging, awakens each one's gifts, encourages growth, and develops love and a sense of service." Jean Varnier

Thank you for being a part of our community an supporting Special Needs kids with your generous donation.