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Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc.

Alpha Omega operates a highly effective 30-day to 2-year transitional program with a goal of having each veteran successfully reintegrate back into society, engage in healthy independent living, and secure placement into permanent housing. Many veterans also directly receive permanent supportive housing services.

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Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee that assists military veterans to reintegrate into society, often after achieving recovery and rehabilitation from debilitating mental and physical conditions.


Alpha Omega was established in 1987 by a Memphis mother of 2 sons who returned from the Vietnam War suffering from what we now call PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). After finding no help for her children, our founder started Alpha Omega as one of the first independent organizations in the United States that specialized in providing supportive services to military veterans. Initially serving 8 veterans, Alpha Omega now has the capacity to house over 100 veterans (male and female) and provide counseling services to many more. We have served nearly 10,000 veterans since those humble beginnings.


Each our facilities operate an integrated system of services designed to meet the needs of our veterans—food, clothing, housing, transportation and assistance with rehabilitation. Other services provided to our clients include help securing military service-related benefits from local, state and federal agencies; and providing guidance to our able-bodied veterans through career assessments, job search and training assistance, and help with acquiring skills to ensure job readiness and successful placements. 


Each of our clients have served in a branch of the U.S. military, with many of them having seen combat in our most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have acknowledged their problems and are only asking for your assistance as they work to re-establish themselves as productive members of society.


No one returns home from war unchanged, but with our advanced understanding of mental health screening and treatment for the disabled, Alpha Omega has an unprecedented opportunity to respond immediately and capably to the post-service needs of America's military veterans. With the counseling services and housing facilities that we have made available since 1987, our organization has the capability to care for and rehabilitate those veterans who have honorably served and sacrificed for their country.


Help Alpha Omega honor all of our country's veterans by taking action and support our treatment and rehabilitation programs.