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Alray Taylor Second Chance Scholarship Fund Corporation

Giving Boston students a second chance at college Tax ID 27-0955022


High school students from the inner city often have to navigate a minefield of obstacles and distractions to get to college. But once they get on campus, too many find that their college careers can be easily derailed, sometimes as a result of small missteps that can cascade into something far more serious. Without strong support systems in place to help these students recover, many who leave the college path find it extremely difficult to get back on it.


A recent study demonstrated that the percentage of Boston Public School (BPS) graduates who finish college falls well below the national average and well below the rates of students from public schools in suburban Boston. The Alray Scholars Program was designed for precisely that kind of student: A promising individual from Boston who had the smarts and drive to overcome hurdles and get to college but who needs some crucial assistance in finding a way back there.


While urban students can often reach great heights, thanks to their own talents and the support of dedicated people around them, they are usually afforded far fewer second chances when things don’t go as planned.


That’s why the Alray Scholars Program encompasses more than just financial assistance. Scholarship recipients are teamed with dedicated mentors who offer guidance and support, with the goal of helping students avoid past missteps and expand their horizons. Upon earning their degrees, recipients become part of the Alray Scholars community, mentoring students who follow in their paths.