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ALS In Wonderland creates awareness and provides funding directly for the benefit of PALS in the state of Arkansas

www.alsinwonderland.com Tax ID 46-1826315


ALS In Wonderland was created and inspired by the needs and necessities that many PALS face today. We are here to help each ALS family while they are dealing with the biggest challenge of their life. Founder Lara Blume knows first hand the affects that ALS has on families - Lara's Father Richard Blume was diagnosed with ALS In late 2009. ALS In Wonderland is here to assist ALS families with financial needs that arise. We also act as a reliable advocate for our PALS. Currently we are serving PALS in the state of Arkansas. Lara believes that her work is not only wanted, needed but imperative for the ALS community. A cause close to her heart she is fierce in her work; Dedicated to leading her passionate board members. "It is essential for the ALS patient and their caregivers to understand this disease and its physical, emotional, mental, and financial implications." Founder Lara Blume