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“Rodents? Amazing?” you ask. Yes, we are.

My species helps assure the survival of a tree species, which in turn, helps the local economy and could provide an alternative to logging the rain forests. We love to eat Brazil nuts, from the Brazil nut tree. By gathering and storing the nuts, agouti helps assure the survival of the Brazil nut tree by helping disperse its seeds to more remote locations. The local people also consume the Brazil nut and harvesting these nuts has become a profitable business, which has also created employment. Because of this, some people would rather save the natural habitat where the Brazil nut tree grows than log the forest.

Conservation International (CI), has been working from the beginning to protect and preserve species around the world. Every species has a role to play in human health and well-being. Species provide us with clean air and water. They give us food. They regulate our climate. They give us medicines. And they can bring a smile to the faces of billions of people around the world who deal with everyday problems, large and small.

Yet around the world, on land and at sea, species are in trouble. It's estimated that one species goes extinct, on average, every 20 minutes. Human activity, such as habitat destruction and pollution, is largely responsible. And for every species of plant or animal that disappears, we forever lose the unique and sometimes critical benefits that people receive.

Rodents are no different. We have a lot to offer too. Some of us are even kind of cute.


I hope you will join me in fundraising for all of CI's important work from biodiversity protection to climate to cultural services. Each dollar you donate to CI on my fundraising page counts as a vote for me too! Help me be the 'most loved' rodent this Valentine's Day!

Thanks friends of the rodent (and biodiversity)!

- Alvin the Brazilian Agouti


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