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Amador Heritage Project



Can we share with you some amazing things Tanya and Nelson are doing through Corner of Love in Nicaragua?

Hi!  My name is Jeff Balch.  My wife and I met Tanya and Nelson Amador in 2000, when we attended the same church in Maple Valley, Washington.  At this time, God placed a calling on their hearts to help heal hurting people in Nicaragua.  God has clearly blessed the Amador’s work as this calling has now grown to more than any of us could have imagined in 2000. 

We’ve personally been changed by helping with this effort, having contributed over the years and serving in Nicaragua 3 times now.  We more fully realize our blessings and acknowledge that all of our blessings come from God.  We’ve been encouraged by the strong and faithful spirit of these Nicaraguans despite their great need.  And we’ve come to realize that we’re all united through the kingdom of God.  Debbie and I now sit on the board of directors of Corner of Love (their non-profit organization), and we would love to share the Amador’s story with you.

How you can help:

  • Pray for God’s will to be done through Corner of Love’s efforts and for the people of Northern Nicaragua to be blessed with clean water, clothes, shoes, medicine, and health care.
  • Consider joining us on an upcoming trip! Trip dates and more info are available at
  • Help these Nicaraguans financially – donations of any size make a huge difference in their lives. See the back of this page for how your gift can change lives.

Today the Amadors serve the people of Nicaragua by hosting numerous humanitarian teams each year.  Every year, Corner of Love Ministries touches the lives of thousands in impoverished Northern villages in the Matagalpa region through medical, dental, and optical clinics, family sponsorships, water improvement projects, educational aid, and church development.

*If you choose to donate, you can send a check to our US office using the envelope included with this letter or you can go online to and donate using a credit or debit card.  All gifts are 100% tax-deductible in the U.S. (EIN No. 36-4612230)

Please take some time to read the Amador’s story and join in this great work. rest of link here)

Jeff and Debbie Balch

“Disturb us, Oh Lord, that we might be broken-hearted by the world’s suffering and take action.”

How Your Donations Can Help:

  • $10 – provides a pair of shoes so a Nicaraguan child can attend school.
  • $50 – provides 5 pairs of shoes so 5 children can attend school.
  • $100 – provides 132 doses of Mebendazole/Albendazole so that Nicaraguans who are sick with parasitic infections can rid their bodies of worms and regain health.
  • $250 – provides an entire shelf of antibiotics for a Mobile Healthcare team that can treat as many as 2,000 people in one week.
  • $360 -  (a one year sponsorship) will help change the life of a handicapped or elderly person who is on our Family Sponsorship program waiting list.  ($30 per month includes ongoing healthcare and prescription meds, clothing, shoes, and food for one family).
  • $500 – provides a med-pack filled with essential medicines bought at cost (retail value of about $10,000) that would meet medical needs for about 1,500 Nicaraguans.
  • $1,000 -  will contribute toward land for the water center property ($15,000 needed).
  • $1,500 -  will help us roof a section of our new clinic before the heavy rains come ($24,000 needed).
  • $2,500  - will pay for the concrete, blocks, and floor for one classroom at our new leadership school (about $26,000 needed).
  • $5,000 - will pay for the concrete, blocks, and floor of the upper level surgical suite at Plaza de Bondad ($40,000 needed for the entire upper floor.)


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