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We are a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs and cats who, through no fault of their own, are spending their last days at LA City and County Shelters. Tax ID 51-0183667


For over 3 decades, thousands of dogs and cats have called Amanda Foundation home. We give the young, the old, the ill and abused safe haven while waiting to be adopted. But at Amanda, we go beyond adoptions. We work in the neighborhoods where the majority of shelter pets come from and by providing services prevent them from needing rescue. Our Spaymobile prevents over 20,000 unwanted pets a year from ending up on the streets or in shelters. Our wellness clinics help low-income families keep their pets healthy and happy. Our educational program, “Creating Compassion,” teaches children
about responsible pet care while sharing the world of science. We sponsor veterinary nurses in our own hospital, training the next generation of animal caregivers. Your gift will expand our programs so we can save more, cure more, teach more. In Latin, “Amanda” means “Worthy of Love.” Please show yours to our rescued pals. The answer is beyond rescue: it’s never entering the shelter in the first place.

Fundraising Campaigns