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Amazon Conservation Team

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Amazon Conservation Team wrote -

The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) protects the Amazon rainforest through close collaboration with indigenous communities. To date, ACT has partnered with more than 30 South American tribes and equipped them with the tools and knowledge to monitor, sustainably manage and protect their traditional forestlands.

ACT recently embarked on a challenging quest to protect the last uncontacted tribes of the Amazon and the enormous tracts of rainforest in which they live, but we need your help. There are currently 14-17 uncontacted tribes who are at risk of losing their homes and traditions, as well as exposure to life-threatening diseases. Your generous donations can go to surveying, protecting and managing the areas where they live. 

Thanks to close relationships built over three decades, the ACT team is uniquely positioned to partner with indigenous communities, local governments and international companies such as Google to preserve the Amazon and its cultures from modern pressures such as mining and logging. Our programs are comprehensive, serving the men, women, and children who call this rainforest home.

Some of Our Accomplishments

  • ​​​Worked with local communities and Google Earth to map more than 70 million acres of the Amazon with GPS technology
  • ​Trained more than 150 indigenous people to become certified Indigenous Environment Agents (park guards) 
  • Purchased approximately 5,000 acres of land to create corridors between protected areas and indigenous reserves
  • Worked with indigenous groups and the national park service to establish new categories of protected areas, such as Alto Fragua Indi Wasi National Park—an area now co-managed by indigenous people and the park service.
  • Provided legal support to 20 distinct indigenous groups to help them understand and exercise their rights to self-governance, territory, language and education
  • Sponsored the first large-scale gathering of shamans and women healers in the Amazon
  • Created the K-12 Yachaikury Ethnoeducation School to help preserve traditional knowledge 
  • Established the presence of uncontacted groups in Colombia and helped build support for public policy that now protects such groups
  • Improved monitoring of 38 million acres of ancestral lands through training of park guards, mapping, demarcation, research and legal support.

Here’s What Your Money Can Buy

  • Headlamps for park guards: $40
  • One month of a park guard’s salary: $50
  • GPS units to help with mapping of traditional lands: $100
  • Uniforms for park guards: $120
  • Waterproof tents for park guards: $200
  • Water resistant cameras for the field: $300
  • Camera traps: $350
  • Boats for surveying trips: $600
  • Satellite photos to help with land surveillance and identifying uncontacted tribes: $1500
  • Outboard motors: $2500
  • Water resistant computers for field research: $3000

Key Awards: 

2010: Global Leadership Award, Jane Goodall Institute (Plotkin)

2010: Tech Awards Laureate (ACT)

2008: Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, Skoll Foundation (ACT)

2008: Architects of Peace Award (ACT)

2002: UNEP Global 500 Laureate Roll of Honour (Plotkin)

2002: Best practices recognition for traditional medicine programs from UNESCO (ACT)

Thank You Gifts

$25 donation: A package of ACT-themed children's workbooks  

$50 donation: An ACT tote bag

$75 donation: Original digital photos for your ipad or computer

$10,000 donation: A signed first edition of Mark Plotkin's best-selling book Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

$100,000 donation: Mark Plotkin will speak at your school or organization and bring along signed copies of his best-selling book Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

To learn more about the ACT, please visit our website at


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