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CROWDRISE : Apr 16, 2013
Tax ID: 45-3660998
BASED: Tampa, FL, United States


Amazon CARES Rescue

Help us continue our work in the remote Amazon of Peru. Love knows no borders. Neglected, helpless dogs and cats need you to support our vital work, in a region where nobody else cares. We are no-kill, and a TOP-RATED 501c3. Open your heart & give these animals safety & security they deserve. Vet care, food, a safe home, & eventually their own family.

Will you help these animals from a lifetime of neglect, cruelty, and eventually a long-suffering death on the streets?  

When you support our small 501c3 charity, you are saving thousands of helpless, neglected, & homeless animals from a lifetime of suffering. Our Amazon jungle team works tirelessly to save these animals from a brutal life on the streets. Every day, we fight to end animal cruelty, but we need you by our side so that these animals can have a second chance.

Without funds we make do... we never turn an animal away.  We donate our own salaries, sell personal items, we scramble to do what it takes.  These animals need quality vet care, medicine, food, shelter, and lots of love.  We constantly have TNR campaigns to fight the overpopulation of animals.

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (, founded in 2004, is the first and only 501c3 US registered charity & Peruvian registered ONG in the very remote Peruvian Amazon region.  Amazon CARES maintains the region's only no-kill shelter.  A modern vet clinic in the city of Iquitos provides top quality services to clients and to low-income clients.  We are constantly rescuing animals, and taking in abandoned litters left at our doorstep.

Veterinarians from around the world have delighted in our jungle volunteer trips, where we provide veterinary care to communities with no other options!  Learn more by liking us on, following us on Twitter, and reading our Blog.

Read what others are saying and why we are named a TOP NON-PROFIT charity for years in a row!

Tax ID: 45-3660998 •


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