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CROWDRISE : Aug 03, 2010
Tax ID: 52-2211305
BASED: Washington, DC, United States



Our Mission

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The Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) works to conserve the biological diversity of the Amazon basin.  Our efforts are geographically focused in the headwaters of the Amazon basin, where the Amazon forest meets the Andes range in southeastern Peru and northern Bolivia.  This area has long been recognized as one of the most biologically rich regions on earth.  Here the Amazon wilderness is still largely intact and extends for thousands of miles without interruption, providing habitat to jaguars, tapirs, giant river otters and many other species facing extinction elsewhere.  Protecting the slopes of the eastern Andes provides a safe haven for rare species in times of rapid climate change.

ACA currently protects over 4.5 million acres of Amazonian rainforest in Peru and Bolivia through conservation concessions, Brazil nut concessions, community reserves, and research stations. Using cutting-edge science and innovative conservation tools, Amazon Conservation is creating models for others to follow.  We established the world’s first conservation concession, manage some of the best research stations in the tropics, and are leading the charge to find mechanisms such as payments for environmental services to make forest conservation financially sustainable.

Tax ID: 52-2211305 •


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