amber vance

amber vance
amber vance
Raleigh, NC United States
Stuff About Me:

I love math, and a various assortment of vegetables (no, I won’t specify).  My 10.5/11 shoe makes me feel firmly grounded.  

I’m a relevant news junkie.  I watch the weather channel, and love living in a place that experiences all four seasons.  

I’m not sure I could live without burt’s bees, a tube of maybelline, or colgate.  

I love to travel.  I consume massive quantities of watermelon in the summer season.  I think in numbers and in songs.  I once played the trumpet...and the tuba.  I’ve run 7 marathons.  

I’m the unbrand consumer.  As I get older I’ve become less germ conscious...which all started in 5th grade PE over a scare session from Mr. Singleton to get us to wash our followed how to survive escaping your vehicle if your parent’s drive off the bay bridge.  Which leads me to my next adopted motto, “Always know your escape route.” I celebrate preparedness not paranoia.  

I live within my means financially, but continue to push boundaries in every other area of my life.  

I think honesty is truely the best policy.  2nd best?  Reliability.  

I’m empathetic, at times, to a fault.  I’ll pass out while staring down faces of suffering, but give a complete stranger a hug.  

My favorite colors on any day are green, blue, and/or purple.  

I love my friends and they love me.  

Fortune cookie insight makes me do most of the text messages I receive.  

If someone were to describe my life to me in 100 words or less, I’m not sure I would believe a person has lived such a life.  Lucky girl, I am. 

I’m convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  

I’m a rehabbing runner that dreams of running again...multiple times a day.  

Musicals, vitamins, and mac computers are all underrated.  

Everyone should have a little sister with dreads that struts or skates to the beat of her own drum to help remind them what truly is important in life.  

I love a great ponytail, a swingset at dawn, and chickfila lemonade.  

I miss my sister, my mamapatsy, my pawpaw, and my running buddy.  I believe in a heaven and look forward to seeing them again. 

I think survivors are cool.  Those who support them are cooler.  :)

I’ve realized the challenges in life aren’t really speed bumps, they’re really spring boards.

Mostly, I love people.  People who are happy to just be. 

(I've waited a really long time to post something like this in an 'About Me' section.  Most have a 100 words or less limit, so congratulations if you're following this sentence and still comprehend sans nap. If you think it's awesome, tweet, text, email, or facebook my page.  Stupid Cancer is awesome and needs more money to bring really rad resources to young adults fighting and surviving.)



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