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CROWDRISE : Nov 27, 2012
Tax ID: 58-1554612
BASED: Leary, GA, United States


Meet the Enduring Donkey

Patient ~ Humble ~ Courageous A Heritage of Injustice and Abuse The donkey was domesticated some 6,000 to 12,000 years ago. Long before the horse was tamed, people were riding donkeys and using them to help with farm chores and as pack animals. This kindly, gentle-eyed, velvety-nosed creature has been humankind’s uncomplaining companion and burden-bearer throughout all history. But the usual reward for his loyal service has been neglect, abuse, and ridicule. In 1977, a little dark brown and very wild burro from the Mojave Desert inspired the Watson family to embark on a life-changing journey that continues today. After driving to Valley Wells, California, to adopt our burro through the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, we brought her home to Georgia. We named her Amber and loved her completely. After some time and much caution, she loved us back. And so began our life’s work.

     Amberwood Sanctuary: A Special Place for Donkeys
                                   Baker County, Georgia



     First and foremost, our life's work is to rescue and care for unwanted/abused donkeys and wild burros who have been removed from their home on our public lands. Each animal is loved. Each animal is given individual care every day. They deserve to be treated as if they matter because they do.



Our work is to provide them a permanent home: They will not be uprooted again or separated from family members and social groups. 



     Our work is to make every possible effort to protect the many wild animals living at Amberwood Sanctuary. 



Our work is to correct the many misconceptions held about donkeys.



     Our work is to promote decisive actions on behalf of the wild burros and mustangs living on our public lands under the protection they have been afforded through the 1971 Wild, Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.



Our work is to promote respect and compassion for all animals, wild and domestic.



     Our work is to promote changes in attitudes and actions to address our ecological crisis.



     This is a tremendous responsibility but with your support, we are up to the challenge. We must be! The destiny of these animals lies in the hands of all of us who care enough to take action. Of course, the more help we receive in funding and volunteer help, the more donkeys we can rescue and care for.



     If anyone would like to take it upon themselves to create a Fundraiser to help these fascinating animals, please do so! That would be really wonderful.


Tax ID: 58-1554612 •


Amberwood Sanctuary

Amberwood Sanctuary

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Amberwood Sanctuary: A Special Place For Donkeys

Amberwood Sanctuary: A Speci…

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