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Mark Sowers' Fundraiser:

Save the Amboseli Elephants

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Mark Sowers


I've been following Amboseli Trust for Elephants for the past 10 years and they're doing awesome work for wild elephants in Kenya.

Cynthia Moss started studying the elephants in Amboseli National Park almost 40 years ago and since then well over 2000 elephants have been identified, named, and known as individuals. Today three amazing Kenyan women are in the field six days a week observing the elephants through birth, mating, family life, and death.

The elephants had a relatively peaceful life for a long time, but in the last couple of years over 300 elephants have died because of serious drought and poaching. Old elephants with large tusks are the target for poachers, and these are the wise female leaders of family units and big males who are the prime breeders.

The individuals at the center of the complex elephant society are being gunned down for their tusks, and a few carved souvenirs simply aren't worth it.

The researchers and staff of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants are working tirelessly with the Maasai community and anti-poaching efforts to protects the elephants, but they are facing a real crisis and need all the support they can get. A natural, wild population like in Amboseli is so important for understanding elephants- an intelligent, gentle species and a vital part of African ecosystems.


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Tangie Smith

Tangie Smith

Thank you, Mark! Amboseli is a truly wonderful organization. I have a special love for these magnificent creatures and it's devastating to know that they could be extinct in a decade if poaching continues at this rate! I will NEVER buy anything made of ivory or even faux ivory. Little trinkets are definitely not worth what these beautiful animals have had to endure. They have been exploited by humans for centuries. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I hope to donate more at a later time. And I'm going to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for being a crusader for elephants! I'm attending the International March for Elephants in Houston on October 4. Can't wait! 5 years ago




8 years ago