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AMBULANCE FOR TOLON-KUMBUNGU DISTRICT Problem Imagine a world without 9-1-1 or 1-1-0 or 1-1-2 .Without the ability to dial 3 simple numbers and have an ambulance arrive at your doorstep.Imagine having no neighbour with a car who could help drive you to the hospital if you needed to go.Imagine a woman in labour forced to deliver her baby in her grass & mud hut, unaware of complications, her only alternative being to travel by foot or bike to the nearest hospital, 26km away. It was not uncommon for these patients requiring to walk or be carried on makeshift stretcher for 26 km to travel to the hospital. This is the reality in Tolon-Kumbungu district in the northern part of Ghana / West Africa. The surrounding villages lack funds for vehicles and without adequate medical resources women and babies are dying in childbirth at alarming rates. Adequate transportation to the hospital is often needed due to infection and other complications. Thousands of children & community members from the local rural areas depend on bicycle to transport a sick, old and frail, stroke patients, heart attack patients, accident patients etc, etc to Tamale hospital which is quite a distance away about 26 kilometres. In northern part of Ghana access to the health care and subsequent transfer to hospital for seriously ill patients and mother with complications in pregnancy is made more difficult because of no ambulance. The hospital and the communities around need an ambulance so that they have a way to deal with emergencies, particularly maternity emergencies and accidents.More than 80% of maternal deaths worldwide are caused by five conditions namely hemorrhage, sepsis, obstructed labor, hypertensive disease of pregnancy and unsafe abortion. Timely intervention is regarded as the key to reducing maternal mortality. Northern Ghana is well-known by high maternal, perinatal and infant mortality rates with the risk of 1 in 27 women dying in pregnancy.Maternal mortality is not simply fatal but is often a cruel and harsh lived experience for Africa`s women.Maternal mortality is a crisis which is likely to worsen. Interventions Every year 340,000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast majority of deaths could be prevented with better access to an ambulance and obstetric care. However, most women in rural Africa give birth at home, having limited access to transport, being unable to reach a suitably equipped health facility in case of an emergency. Ambulance services can and save lives by performing field stabilization and by hastening the arrival of critical patients when time makes a difference in the outcome.Life-saving obstetric skills training is found to contribute to a reduction in maternal deaths. To reduce maternal, neonatal, malaria ,water-borne diseases deaths we would like to buy and donate used ambulance in Europe combination with community volunteers trained to identify danger signs of pregnancy and childbirth and provided with pre-paid mobile phones to call the ambulance for transport to suitably equipped health facilities. i) Establishment of a community participation and emergency communication system to increase demand for maternal care. ii) Local female volunteers called “Community Godmothers” would be chosen from the participating villages get trained on safe maternal health practices and to identify signs of pregnancy and birth related complications and received pre-paid mobile phones to call for the ambulance during an emergency.



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HOGFE is working on selecting a charity so you can support AMBULANCE FOR TOLON-KUMBUNGU DISTRICT/GHANA.