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American Medchem Nonprofit Corporation

American Medchem Nonprofit Corporat...
CROWDRISE : Nov 15, 2016
Tax ID: 27-4315610
BASED: Salt Lake Cty, UT, United States


AMC #Meds4Kids

We discover, develop and provide targeted medicine (precision medicine) for children afflicted with rare diseases, including pediatric cancer #RareDisease #ChildhoodCancer #medicine #nonprofit #biotech #research #collaboration #compassion #children

AMC is a nonprofit biotech research organization dedicated to creating targeted medicines for children with rare diseases, most of who would otherwise have no hope of treatment or cure.

Case for your support: The reality is grim for nearly 15 million children in the US afflicted with any one of 7,000 known rare diseases. There are NO targeted medicines for 95% of these diseases. Why? Because most children’s rare diseases have no market-based drivers, so investing in R&D is a profit-less endeavor. AMC gives hope for these sick kids by its commitment to create targeted medicines for them. AMC invites benefactors to join its mission.

Collaborate for Success: AMC embraces a collaborative research model. Watch this 1.5 min video and you will quickly understand How, What & Why of AMC:

Our style: We seek out top-notch academic research leaders who do ground-breaking discoveries in childhood rare diseases, and set up drug discovery collaborations with them. Within these collaborations AMC scientist design & create drug candidates, while the academic collaborator evaluates the biological effects of these drug candidates. Working together, we bring forward clinical candidates for testing in patients and approval as drugs by FDA.

Win, win, win: Children, science, AMC and you the donor all win.  Isn't it most joyful to help children have a healthier life and productive future? Yup, thought you might agree!

THANK YOU for taking a look at AMC #Meds4Kids and, most importantly, #gratitude for DONATING to our work.


Tax ID: 27-4315610 •


AMC #Meds4Kids Childhood Cancer Drug Discovery Research Project

AMC #Meds4Kids Childhood Can…

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