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American Medchem Nonprofit Corporation

American Medchem Nonprofit Corporat...
CROWDRISE : Nov 15, 2016
Tax ID: 27-4315610
BASED: Salt Lake Cty, UT, United States


AMC #Meds4Kids

"Creating Cures to Save Lives"

AMC is a 'nonprofit biotech company'--a collaborative drug discovery research organization dedicated to creating targeted medicines for children with rare and neglected diseases, most of whom would otherwise have no hope of treatment or cure.

At AMC we believe the power of modern drug discovery technology must also serve the unmet needs in medicine for sick children. By creating medicines to treat these childhood rare and neglected diseases we help alleviate suffering in children and give hope and relief to families and communities.

Lots of sick children are underserved by the commercial pharmaceutical sector. Nearly 7000 rare diseases are known, but there are NO targeted medicines for 95% of these diseases. Nearly 20 million children in the US and 200 million children worldwide suffer from these rare diseases.  Additionally, in tropical countries, nearly 500 million children suffer mortality and morbidity due to tropical diseases. All these children need safe, effective and affordable medicines, so they too can grow to be healthy adults, enjoy life and contribute to society.

Why does this gap exist? Because most children's rare and neglected diseases have no market-based drivers (that means: NOT PROFITABLE); therefore, drug discovery research for these diseases don't attract commercial interest or risk capital investments. That's a bummer for sick kids!

AMC is determined to change the status quo and help children, and we invite you to participate in this work through your generous financial contribution. Collaborative drug discovery research and philanthropic funding are critical elements for success in creating safe and effective medicines for children afflicted with rare and neglected diseases.

Our collaborators are academic research leaders and national research institutes who are experts in these childhood disease areas. Through such collaborations we bring the best of knowledge and infrastructure resources to expedite research projects.  AMC also brings the necessary funding to suppor these programs--no money means no research! AMC's commits to keep its overhead costs below 20%, so that more than 80% of your donations goes to fund the drug discovery research projects itself. 

If you have 20 mins, we invite you to take a listen to this excellent podcast in which our Founder and CEO Robert Selliah, PhD, discusses the mission and model of AMC. 


Tax ID: 27-4315610 •


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