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American Spcc

American Spcc
CROWDRISE : Jun 20, 2017
Tax ID: 27-4621515
BASED: Carlsbad, CA, United States



Advocating for American children. Educating, Helping, and Raising Awareness of the national epidemic of child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying in America. Social Change to End Child Abuse and Improve Children's Lives! #ChildrenMatter

Each week, the equivalent of a classroom of American children is lost forever due to child abuse, neglect, and bullying – that’s 5 a day! That's NOT acceptable!

American Society for the Positive Care of Children was founded in 2011 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization from the strong desire of one caring individual to make a difference in the lives of abused children in America.

We believe that childhood should be fun for kids. A time to learn, be nurtured, and loved. Childhood shouldn’t hurt, but the harsh reality is that for many American kids, childhood not only hurts, but is often fatal. Millions of children in America experience devastating childhoods, with long-term debilitating effects. In America, children are being abused and dying every day. Child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying are at epidemic levels in the United States.

Every day at American SPCC, we ask the question, what can we do to have a positive impact on the lives of children today, tomorrow, and in the future?

With child safety, health, and welfare as our cornerstone, American SPCC is devoted to promoting social impact to end abuse, leading to a safer, healthier, and happier world for children. Through our advocacy, awareness, education, help, and social media campaigns, we advocate for all American children and raise public awareness to help end child abuse in all forms. Together with our community of caring supporters, like you, we give a voice to the ‘voiceless’ — the abused, neglected, bullied, and marginalized children of America.

Utilizing our virtual platform for social impact, we build a stronger nurturing community and develop stronger anti-abuse messaging. Our advocacy, awareness, education, and help initiatives are utilized nationwide by hundreds of thousands each year, empowering parents, caregivers, professionals, and all members of society to nurture and protect our children in America. These resources are invaluable to those in need, when seeking help with child abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking, bullying, foster care, domestic violence, Shaken Baby Syndrome, child safety, positive parenting, and much more.

There’s NO excuse for child abuse! Please join us, if you believe child abuse and bullying are NOT ok. No child in America should be abused or bullied. Together we can increase social impact to help end child abuse and improve children’s lives.

Tax ID: 27-4621515 •


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