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American Cancer Educational Services

Educate, support and empower cancer patients. Tax ID 20-3232112


Why we're here: American Cancer Fund (ACF)/American Cancer Educational Services(ACES) is a grassroots organization dedicated to the education and support of those diagnosed with Cancer, their families and individuals needing clear and concise information on the disease.  We are the Internet’s first and only Cancer information clearinghouse.  We were founded on the notion that it should be easy to find the information you need about a cancer diagnosis. While other organizations are focusing on a cure, ACES/ACF is dedicated to all those suffering with this disease NOW.

Our Mission: To educate, support and empower those whose lives have been affected by Cancer by organizing and streamlining the information gathering process.  And, along these lines, to elevate the level of understanding of Cancer.  ACF provides free, clear, independent information and direction to enable patients and their families to make smarter choices for Cancer treatment with an emphasis on dignity, functionality and cure. 

How It WorksAccess to information is just one click away.  Interested parties can go online to  and be directed to Cancer sites that apply to their individual situations. All website links and the written information produced by ACF is medically-reviewed, up-to-date and accurate. ACF also supports numerous community awareness activities and special events nationwide, all designed to spread the word about easier access to Cancer information and its many complexities. 

How we use the Funds we receive:  Today we offer online and offline research for Cancer resources as well as outreach programs to underserved areas and groups, and identifying free or low cost cancer screening programs. Future programs (depending on resources/funding available) 7X24 call center, establish type specific support groups in NJ counties for patients and care givers, mobile library of cancer resources, and additional patient assistance throughout the USA as the organization grows. Our last certified audit showed that 89 cents of every dollar raised goes into our support, prevention, and information research programs.


Volunteer Opportunities:  Please consider donating some time to ACF. We have many opportunities for people of all ages (18 and over) and skill levels. We prefer people with a drivers license and anyone with previous nursing or social work experience would be greatly appreciated.  Please call (908) 431-9800 or e-mail:  if you can help us. Thank you.