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Frank Cipri wrote -

Donating to charity is a rewarding thing to do. But many people hold back from giving to certain worthy causes because those charities use a large portion of the money donated to cover their own costs. It is frustrating to learn that a charity has done this, some taking 70, 80 and even upward to 90% of what you send them to cover their “overhead”. This equates to every $100 dollars you donate as little as 10% may go to the deserving cause it was intended for.

When this was researched among many of the more popular non profits, a more efficient way of giving was created. American Charities Direct is a revolutionary non profit organization that strives to get more of your contributions sent directly to the cause you support. By building a web portal that will accept donations, it will then deposit them directly into the charity’s program fund – the bank account dedicated to hold money only for the release of the primary cause.

Once our website is built we will be able to ensure 90% - 100% of the money you donate will be deposited directly into your choice of charity’s program fund. A variable rate of 0% to 10% will be deducted for web site maintenance, business and administration expenses. As a Florida based corporation and a 501(c)3 I.R.S. registered non profit, our three board of directors have dedicated their spare time and exhausted their own financial resources, but are committed to this worthy mission.

The concept is new. The website will be the first of its kind and requires custom development. The cost of this web portal to reality is approximately $20,000. and will cover:

• The cost of designing and development

• Purchasing and setting up secure web servers

• Constructing databases

• Setting up electronic transfer mechanisms

• Acquiring all safety certificates for ensuring secure money transfers

When you help fund the building of you aren’t giving to us, you’re giving back to yourself and to the charities you already support. You are helping us create a better way to donate by ensuring the maximum amount of your contributions into every charities program fund along with increasing your charities income to expense ratio. will alter the way you donate by making it easier, quicker and more efficient. Of course all donations made to us to get our web portal off the ground are tax deductible.

If time or service is how you wish to contribute, we’re grateful with any help in achieving our goal. We’re in need for help in some the following areas:

• Web design/database/eCommerce administration

• Marketing/advertising

• Fundraising

• Grant writing

• Short term investors

Even the smallest donation will help make this vision come to fruition. No gift is too small nor will any go unappreciated. We are American Charities Direct, and we thank you in advance for your personal involvement.


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