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Being the Change Tax ID 27-0758091


KG ("Kehi Garoun" -  a Nepali expression for "being the change") is a not-for-profit organization registered in Nepal.  Our vision - small personal changes paving the way to larger social change.  We believe that personal change and social engagements should go hand-in-hand, informing one another.  We currently have 3 programs:


Charity - Giving100percent: Puts 100% of your money in the hands of poor children in need of educational materials such as notebooks, meals and uniforms.  We have provided more than 21,000 meals, and supported more than 12,000 needs for notebooks, sweaters and shoes.


Volunteering - Being the change: Provides exposure to causes, gradually enabling new volunteers to become change-agents who undertake independent projects.   We have worked with students and teachers from over 50 schools in Kathmandu.


Insight - Discovering clarity: Guidance Counseling to help you discover what activities have meaning for you and how you can give meaningful direction to your life.  We are working with 6 schools & colleges to guide their students between the age of 15-18.


The recent earthquake has compelled us towards a new direction, and has provided a seed for the fourth program as follows:


Safe Schools Rebuilding: Many children have died or been wounded from collapsed buildings. Schools, in particular government schools which are resource-poor, have suffered heavy damages from Saturday's earthquake. KG will work to ensure that all of the 25 government schools in its network will be structurally sound so that students do not have to go to an unsafe school.  In the next 10 days, we will have structural engineers/architects survey the damage in these schools.   If the buildings are unsafe, we will work with the schools to find alternative teaching spaces.  Later in the year, we will work with donors and government agencies to help construct safer classrooms and toilets for these students.  If you would like to finance this effort to rebuild schools, please contact us.