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I was as naive as everyone else out there. I had just returned from a visit to Ireland, a wonderful, spiritual, beautiful place. Walking around the streets of Dublin, I began to think of my, family, my Irish background, my auntie. Aunt Anna, was born in Philadelphia, PA., to Irish-Catholic parents from Belfast, Ireland... father was a chauffeur and mother was a chambermaid!
Aunt Anna was a brilliant woman, my mothers' older sister;
Anna studies were, back in the 1920's medicine. Working herself from nursing onward, she, as so many women had done back then, FELL-In-Love with a medical student. Alas, Anna became pregnant. Did the father of her child take responsibility?? NO! Whats new!!
Anna found herself, in a position of pressure, as you did NOT go against your parents will back then, a woman un-wed, was NOT to be allowed. Aunt Anna was sent 'somewhere' up out of her 'neighborhood' to give birth, and then... leave that child behind, with the 'nuns', the 'home' to return to 'her' life as previously know and ACCEPTED!
It was after thinking about my Auntie Annas' story, the pain she must have experienced, that I looked into to, this situation of, 'Catholic run Homes"..
that I came across this story of IRISH Magadalenes, and connecting with a woman in the USA, when I ' found out' that the Irish "Magadalene Sisters" HAPPENED HERE, in the USA! I started a website first one year ago, hoping to connect with some 'victims' ..then... the dam burst... YES... it DID happen here... I met my 'FIRST' "Victim" DID happen here...and I wanted to help these ( the majority of women,)VICTIMS get in court, of voice. HENSE.... my idea of a documentary!

.... I LOVE you Aunt Anna!!  NEVER again!!



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