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American Soldier Network

American Soldier Network
CROWDRISE : Mar 23, 2013
Tax ID: 33-0713731
BASED: Mission Viejo, CA, United States


End Veteran Suicide

#IChoosetoLiveOath challenge we are launched Saturday June 1, 2017 ~ We will be doing a huge group oath video at with 5000 folks and YOU, Army veteran, Gold Star Brother (2x) now country artist Ryan Weaver, Double Amputee Gabe Martinez and a few other amazing heroes to help launch this program. the Oath after realizing you all in or out of uniform live by the Oath you took when you enlisted to serve to protect and defend and once your military career ended that oath never did. Instead of doing push ups or wearing rings or promoting a number that was never correct and making the veteran/military suicide epidemic about a statistic we firmly believe it is about human beings and that it is about saving them but it all starts with a first step! So this is the first step an oath to LIVE. Please help share this with your veteran network so together we can help reframe the thinking from stats and funerals to LIVING and saving. Then the next step for us is to fund a new portal where we will vet out the for profit and nonprofit treatment options (PTS, TBI, CTS, Brain Health) across this country that are out there that have success in our veteran/military community and may not have the budget or savvy in PR/Marketing so that folks and caregivers can register and have access at one place to those great treatment options and a truly collaborative space. It features the Caregiver Corner, the Foxhole and the Collaborative Connection. We are thrilled and excited to truly impact brain health and saving lives! We will also continue to create positive shorts that shine a upbeat, positive story of our heroes for the population to see instead of the negative stories that show our veterans/military as broken, struggling, etc. Our shorts show the numerous vets helping vets narrative, the vets who continue to serve long after their military careers have ended and all the good that our veterans and their families are up to all over our great USA. We Do This Together and American Soldier Network is truly trying to bridge the gap in a climate that is so negative and fueled with hate.

American Soldier Network is a hands-on organization that raises awareness and funding to tackle the psychological and emotional battles affecting veterans on the home front such as PTSD, homelessness, unemployment and reintegration. The American Soldier Network is a nonprofit corporation with federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under section 501(c ) (3). 

Tax ID: 33-0713731 •


END Soldier/Veteran Suicide Save Lives NOW

END Soldier/Veteran Suicide …

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RIDE TO LIVE The Forgotton Sons MC 2nd Fund Raiser Benefitting American Soldier Network

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Ride To LIVE The Forgotten Sons MC First Annual Charity Ride & Festivities

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