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A Month of Compassion

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Dear friends,

I hope to show you that this fundraising page is very different from other pages for fundraising you may have seen: marathons, foundations, food drives, etc. One of the major differences, above all these "usual" fundraising methods, at the heart of it lies Compassion. I join this campaign because Compassion lies at the heart of all people - watch the Charter of Compassion.

Every year, I fast during the month of Ramadan. Every year, I often have to (re)-explain that during this month I don't eat or drink during the day. Some may see my "religiosity" as an out-dated practice. Some may see it as an intriguing part of my intersectionality. Some may just dismiss it. What Ramadan teaches me is not only patience and privilege because of the meditative state one enters while fasting, but it also teaches me about compassion. An arabic word often used to describe Ramadan is Rahmah,which means Compassion!

Finally, I live in Toronto - as many of you do as well. A place that I have determined through my travels, my conversations with people, and learning that we are a City of Compassion. Our Mayor deserves compassion. Our (ethnic and non-ethnic) communities communities deserve compassion. Our families deserve it. We deserve to be compassionate to ourselves.

I encourage you to donate to this campaign, to learn more about it as a global campaign, to reflect on ways you can be compassionate as I am trying to remind myself during Ramadan. As part of this, my goal is to reach $1000 by the end of this year, Dec 31st 2013, for the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation and I will match whatever my community of people reading this give to the Compassionate Network. Sounds bold, but so is the need for compassionate cities.

With great love,




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