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CROWDRISE : Jan 16, 2013
Tax ID: 27-2022686
BASED: Seattle, WA, United States


Amrita-Seattle mission

Amrita-Seattle is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide basic healthcare and education to the underprivileged population in India, and local volunteer work in Seattle and Greater Seattle area.

AMRITA-SEATTLE will perform fund raising activities through organizingevents, annual benefit dinner, pledges by members and also by donations from well-wishers and corporate sectors. Fund raising activities will be taken through solicitations by mail, email, phone, personal, foundation grant, donation through our website, receive donations from organization’s website, government grant solicitations etc.


  • To provide basic health care in resource poor setting of West Bengal, India throughhealth camp and health awareness programs.
  • To provide economic assistance for the education of visually handicapped students and deserving students from economically poor setting in West Bengal, India.
  • To form close partnership with nonprofits in India who are experienced in Health care and Education service for the socio-economically underprivileged society.
  • To mobilize fund for: “Clean Drinking Water Project” with an aim to provide water filtration units to the economically poor families in the arsenic and fluoride affected areas of West Bengal, India.
  • To establish and maintain regular contact and visit the groups we work with to form a stable long term relationship.
  • To perform fundraising events to support the activities in India.
  • To maximize effectiveness of our efforts we seek to support newly formed groups in rural and economically poor areas.
  • To provide assistance in different ways such as financial, logistics and technological support to the groups in India.
  • To meet different grass roots activists in India and Seattle area with similar interest.
  • To organize food drive in liaison with local volunteer organizations and Food Banks in Seattle and Greater Seattle area to provide nutritious food for the local needy people.

Tax ID: 27-2022686 •


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