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The roots of the Ancestral Wisdom Bridge began during workshops held by Elder Malidoma Somé in the northeast and Chicago area. In 2001, training began at Nine Mountain Retreat Center, just east of Northampton, Massachusetts. By 2003, the Foundation purchased land allowing Elder Malidoma to establish gateways to ancient African spirits, transplanting in the West, the indigenous wisdom of his people.  

A Village Reborn In the Modern World

Out of those early founding days, and under the protection of ancestors and the spirits of nature, a community of like-minded people was formed in what is lovingly called the East Coast Village.

We consider ourselves a community of cultural creatives, people who “care deeply about ecology and saving the planet, about relationships, peace, social justice, and about self actualization, spirituality and self-expression.”

If you belive in what we do, support our cause.

Barka! Barka!*

"K’a te sankun koro sium a ti tieru
ti kuti zumon Ka ti tuon gnin a ti vla zie to to sao deu.
May all ancestors join force to wake up our spirit and put good thoughts into our psyche. Then we shall see the good that awaits us and accept it.

–Dagara Prayer, translated by Malidoma Somé


*barka is Dagara word for thank you