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Endangered Means There Is Still Time

Today, May 15th, is Endangered Species Day. It's not a major holiday. There won't be any super sales, and the card racks won't have "Celebrate Endangered Species Day" cards.

But for those of us who take action to support imperiled species, this is a special day. For us, that critically endangered animals is the red wolf.

The future of wild red wolves, and of the effort to recover red wolves in their native habitat, has not been this uncertain since 1980. That isn't hype. It's true.

Red wolves were declared extinct in the wild in 1980. If North Carolina’s state wildlife agency, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, and the anti-wolf forces have their way, we could see that same designation applied again to red wolves in the very near future. This is an unacceptable outcome for red wolves, and it sets a dangerous precedent for all endangered species.

We need (make that depend on!) your help to continue our work for red wolves, both captive and wild. The Red Wolf Coalition must continue to lead the public in standing strong for red wolves. Please donate as generously and as soon as you can, and please help us ensure that those four terrible words— extinct in the wild—are never again part of the red wolf's history.

Please help us with a donation so we can:
• Give programs at the Red Wolf Education Center. We cannot charge admission because the resident wolves are on federal property. So we have to pay for materials and other costs for these programs.
• Provide enrichments for the resident wolves in the form of supplemental food treats.
• Fund ongoing public outreach and education.
• Maintain a physical presence in red wolf country.
• Motivate honest and useful communication among local citizens, landowners, and government agencies.
• Assist other red wolf advocates. The RWC offers its expertise and energy to a wide variety of wildlife organizations and agencies. Because of your generosity last year, we are able to offer a limited amount of financial support to Red Wolf Captive Breeding Program facilities.

If you have already given the red wolves a gift on this current fundraising campaign, thank you AGAIN!
4 years ago
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Our supporters are awesome, …
Our supporters are awesome, and many of you have stepped up with wonderful gifts for the red wolves on the 2014-2015 CrowdRise Holiday Challenge. THANK YOU!

If you haven't made a donation yet, would you please consider $10 (or more!) as a gift to help the Red Wolf Coalition continue its work for red wolves?

A howl of thanks for walking the walk with us!

The Red Wolf Coalition
5 years ago
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We are geared up and ready t…
We are geared up and ready to roll on this year's CROWDRISE HOLIDAY CHALLENGE (11/25 - 1/6) which is now OPEN! The number of charities on the Leaderboard is amazing and shows how much good we are all doing in our various ways.

We need more than ever to make this year's Challenge a huge success. Betty and Hank, our ambassador red wolves, have decided to have a Couple's Competition to see which one can raise the most money! Keep reading! This is SO COOL!

Go to You can donate right there, OR you can click on Hank's picture or Betty's picture and donate on his page or her page! So fun! Be sure to note their slogans. Too funny! On the RWC Facebook page is a photo of Hank and Betty. Hank is looking pretty laid-back. Betty is rarin' to go!!

EVERY dollar counts. $10. $20. $50. $100. . more!! The Grand Prize is $100,000 to the charity that raises the most money. AND THERE ARE FABULOUS BONUS CHALLENGES ALONG THE WAY! Week #1 (11/25 - 12/2) is 10K to the charity that raises the most money during this time period.

SECOND but so important: Betty and Hank send love and gratitude - and so do we!! As we approach this holiday season, we want to say this. The wins for red wolves in this past year would not have happened without you. That is the absolute truth. We still have so much to accomplish, and we will count on you to keep the Red Wolf Pack strong - and to make it stronger than ever.
5 years ago
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It's official!! We won the G…
It's official!! We won the Grand Prize in the CrowdRise Timberland Challenge for Top Recruiter, the challenger with the MOST DONATIONS!

The truth is that YOU won that prize. Every single one of your donations added up to a whopping 388 - yes, you read that right - 388!! Donations are still coming in to our main fundraising page from people who are going to, and that is just wonderful. We are so grateful for the national and worldwide surge of support for the red wolf.

Now that you have given a gift of a donation to the red wolves, here is one more vitally important thing. PLEASE write or email the USFWS in Atlanta. The 60-day review of the Red Wolf Recovery Program ends on 9/26. So right now, take a minute to compose your thoughts. And send your email to

Head your e-mail with something like "Support for Continuance of Red Wolf Recovery Program." Informed, courteous comments are most effective. Comments do not have to be long. One or two sentences is fine! Your comment is most likely to be counted if it is sent through your own e-mail. If your email bounces back due to the high volume, then please send it again.

If you want to send a snail-mail letter, that's fine, too! There are talking points posted on our Facebook page:

Send your letter to: 1875 Century Blvd., Suite 200, Atlanta, Ga., 30345, marked “Attention: Red Wolf Evaluation.”

Right now red wolves have only one voice. Yours. You can see how your donation counted. And your letter or email will count, too.

Please stand strong for red wolves. This is the iconic wolf of the Southeast, a critically endangered animal that deserves every effort to protect and restore it.


The Red Wolf Coalition
5 years ago
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Andrea Bicego
Andrea Bicego
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