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Andrea Sattler - Sleep In 2016

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EVENT: Sleep In 2016

Andrea Sattler

THE STORY:   (Please visit the website to learn more!)

I've had Narcolepsy and Hypersomnia for a long time. I saw the wrong type of specialists who claimed I must be depressed. The initial sleep studies that were done for me, were done by Pulmonologists. This type of physician is excellent at diagnosing sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and night terrors. However, 5 sleep studies later...the experts found nothing. It wasn't until I had a terrible car wreck 3 years ago, that brought me to a Sleep Neurologist. I'd fallen asleep at the wheel, wrecked my car, and a progression of degeneration started in my spine. Some of you realize I'm in recovery from major surgery on two herniated disks in my neck. The surgery, called ACDF, was March 14th. Made it through surgery, now 6 weeks of catious recovery. I'm so glad I found a Sleep Neurologist who studied my records carefully. My sleep disorder is Narcolepsy with Hypersomnia. I want you to be educated and I want others to be educated on the importance of sleep and physical restoration. This is my story. Please help as we get the word out so that maybe we can prevent cases like mine from becoming so drastic, or even prevent unnecessary fatalities from lack of knowledge! Thank you for any way that you can help! I am blessed beyond measure to have such loving support around me!! I want the same for other people who were told they are depressed, lazy, or hypochondriacs, when they really had a problematic Sleep Disorder.....let's rally and help educate others about the importance of sleep to the body. Someone else needs us. Let's not allow our fast-forward society to ignore sleep and it's benefits any longer. Again, Thank you!!!!

Donations can be made until March 31st! 

All donations go to Project Sleep, not me!

Please visit the website to learn more!


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In honor of the all kids who grew to adulthood and never knew what caused these crazy symptoms. You are not crazy. You are sleep-deprived. 2 years ago

Friend of Andrea

Friend of Andrea


2 years ago