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A funny thing happen on the …
A funny thing happen on the way to the finish line of the Boston Marathon ...

After 4 months of preparation during the worst winter in history in Boston, I started off the Boston Marathon feeling good and confident that I would meet my goal of running the race in under 4 hours. The first three miles or so were pretty slow because of the crowd but after that I was finally able to run freely. So my 10K checkpoint time reflected that: 9:22 a mile average, because I ran about 10-minute miles in the first three miles and about 9-minute miles for the next three. My plan was to then run a bit faster, averaging under 9-minute miles.

Unfortunately, at mile 6, I got a stabbing pain in my left hip, pretty much out of the blue. I stopped to try to stretch it, thinking it was just a spasm, but nothing helped, and then the whole left hip area sort of locked up. I still had 20 more miles to go! I thought about dropping out but I just couldn't bring myself to do it after all the hard work, plus who knew if I would ever have this chance again? Plus, all of you were counting on me!

I found that if I jogged slowly with shorter steps, I could move along stiffly but not in as much pain. So I proceeded to do that, hoping against hope that it would work itself out at some point so I could resume running normally.

But it never did resolve itself. I ran (and occasionally walked) that way the next 20 miles, stopping at all the water stops and bathrooms, and even the medical tent once for a little PT, because I knew that other factors could kick in that could derail my race (dehydration, lack of fuel/energy, hypothermia, etc.) if I didn't take care of myself in this new reality of just surviving the race — because I was going to be out in that miserable cold, windy, wet weather almost 2 hours longer than planned.

But I finished the race and got my medal, while raising over $12,000 for the Boston Medical Center — thanks to all your generous donations.

And believe me when I tell you that the people who suffer from all the afflictions that the charity running teams raised money for are the people with the true courage and tenacity to overcome great obstacles. By comparison, I'm just a guy who likes to run who happened to stub his toe.

So, from a competitive running aspect, it was the worst day of my life. But in other respects, it was the best day of my life.

Thanks to everyone who supported me and who tracked me online on race day. I won't forget.

- Bob
3 years ago
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Hi folks. Well Monday is the…
Hi folks. Well Monday is the big day. I will be thinking of all of you as I power down the road, regardless of the weather.

Several people have asked how to track my progress on race day, so here you go:

To receive a few text messages showing my progress during the race, simply text my bib number — 30143 — from your phone to this address: 234567.

This link is to a special marathon mobile app that you can download:

To track my progress online, I believe there will be something set up on race day on the main page of the Boston Marathon website:
Inline image

Again, my number is 30143.

My start time is 11:15 AM, so my ambitious and perhaps overly optimistic projected milestones (to run around 3:50) are something like this:
- 10K (a little after mile 6) — 12:10 PM
- Half marathon (a little after mile 13) — 1:10 PM
- 30K (about halfway between mile 18 and 19) — 2 PM
- Finish — 3:06 PM

Now, it's my first Boston Marathon so I could be off by 15 minutes or more for all I know based on the crowd at the beginning, weather conditions, my perceived fitness level, injuries, etc., but I'm hoping to be under 4 hours just the same, preferably 3:55 (qualifying time for my age) or better. Time will tell!

Regardless of how and when I finish, thanks again to all of you for your support and encouragement.

The weather at the moment calls for a significant headwind from the east, showers, and temps only in the 40's.

I've been training for 4 months in worse ...

- Bob
4 years ago
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Hey everybody. Just wanted t…
Hey everybody. Just wanted to thank you all again for supporting my Boston Marathon run with the Boston Medical Center (BMC) team. Training and fundraising are both going well. My bib number is 30143, if you want to track my progress on race day via the website.

By the way, they just added a new fundraising wrinkle that's very cool and generous. Starting Monday March 30 and each Monday thereafter, any donations made on a Monday will be matched!. So, for example, if my total for next Monday is $500, an extra $500 will be donated to my fundraising site for that day.

So, if you know of any friends, coworkers, or relatives who might also want to support my Boston Marathon run, feel free to send them the link to my site and suggest that they donate on Monday!

Thanks again, and I will keep you posted as race day draws near.

- Bob
4 years ago
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Andy, thanks so much for the…
Andy, thanks so much for the generous donation. This fundraising stuff is old hat for you but new for me. It's going very well and you helped make that happen. Thanks again.
4 years ago
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